The Growth of Algae on Lakes and Ponds Can Cause Their Death

A home or estate that features a serene and beautiful fountain floating in the center of a pond offers an exquisite view to passersby. If the fountain is lit with soft colors in the evening, people will drive by just to see it. Many of the homes also have swans, ducks and geese that frequent the rippling waters of the fountains creating even more beauty. The pond fountains do much more than beautify their surroundings. The water fountains also aerate the water, promoting a higher quality of water in lakes and ponds.

Prices Vary

Prices vary for these floating fountains and range from $1,200 to over $8,000, according to the size needed. Officials of condominium and apartment complexes, golf courses and farms with a lake situated nearby purchase the fountains online from high quality companies marketing them. The fountains aerate the pond water by spouting a stream high into the air, which not only adds oxygen to the pond, but can also create a beautiful display of water and lights.

Ordering Online

An example of one type of fountain is the KASCO 440JF model, with a 50 foot cord, that sells for $2321. It can be ordered online and shipped directly to the purchaser. Included with this model is an optimal warranty of two years, plus t’s fully tested and corrosive resistant. The price, naturally increases when longer cords are ordered. This fountain sprays 10 feet into the air and can be customized with calming lights creating a lavender, blue, or pink hue when the sun goes down, at a price of just $992.

Water Additives and Fish Pond Supplies

As an added benefit, owners operating a business of catering to people who want to enjoy a few days of fishing, need a constant supply of fish pond supplies. They also need water additives, such as specific algaecides that limit the growth of harmful algae and weeds underneath the water’s surface. If not controlled, the algae will take over the pond, and smother the fish.

Be State Compliant

Upon ordering, customers should take notice of which products are allowed to be shipped to a particular state, since each state has their own environmental issues that pond and lake owners must adhere to. Some products also require a permit to use them.