Impact of Watching TV on Academic Performance

Televisions are amidst mass media that has the most credible source of information. Consequently, youths, children, and teenagers love spending most of their time viewing TVs. Viewing of television has a hefty stimulus on people’s behavior and attitudes.  Spending a lot of time watching TV will lead to an unusually low performance in adults and children. TV brands such as Vu, Xiaomi, LG and Samsung among other are offering cheap models in the market. This doesn’t not mean that you should buy one and keep it in your children’s room. Below is how watching TV affects the academic performance of your child.

Harms kids academic success

Too much watching TV diminishes child’sabilities,achievements, and the likelihood of graduating from university.However, it is not the quantity of watching TV that matters. The quality of programs being watched is key. Childhood hours spent mostly in viewing TV are in direct correlation with earlier sexual activity, aggressive behaviors,drug abuse, as well as, poor academic performance. Brain interference in an infant can be caused by viewing TV. The fewer the instances children watch television the more it sponsors their output.

Poor language development in pre-school children

Watching television programs by children occasioned to poor language development in pre-school children. Inaddition to this, children who were recurrently exposed to television program havea lesser vocabulary in their languages of daily communication and inferior expressive languages.  These children affianced less in television talk with adults. This attests to the television watching, influences language developmentof children negatively.  As a result, it inhibits implementation of the pre-school curriculum. Also, the influence of language development by television watching was attributed toboth quality of the content on offer and the quantity of exposure to television.

Leads to shorter attention span

Teenagers who watched three or more hours of television a day were at hazard for poor attention span, and, the accompanying learning exertions. The nature of most television programming with a briskprogression of dissimilar ideas and images in shows and commercials; Inclines to break down the abilityto focus in extended periods of time.Television viewers who are predominantly youths andchildren tend to reiterate the aforementioned television programs. Instead of centering on what they are taught.



Hinders creative thinking and executive function

A television detriments educational achievement which gyrates around the loss of creative play. This type of play expedited by a skilled teacher succors executive function. In turn, this helps children to learn self-discipline and rheostat impulses.Moreover, this type of play facilitates children to learn to operate in groups, share and resolve conflicts, all of which factors into a child’s academic performance.There is an inverse relationship between the number of hours a school-going kid spends on TV and their academic performance. Ultimately, the source advances the idea that TV watching takes away much of the kids’ study time.


The LED TV Price in the market have really gone down. Consequently, your children may be demanding for a set in their room. This is a bad idea and you should stop them from going that way lest you will be getting the worst grades from school.