Cultural Tourism In Jakarta

If you’re visiting Indonesia, it is obligatory to stop from the city of Jakarta. Within this city, there are many entertainment facilities, play rides, cultural facilities, as well as fun and amazing family recreation tours to enjoy. Many traditional road snacks are very distinctive and distinctive, producing your tongue sway to taste .
The city of Jakarta is really the mascot of the big city and became center of the capital and business is growing quickly. Plus the renowned attraction for tourist in this city are also many areas for you to learn about the culture, traditions as well as the history of Indonesia in full.
Inside this city also you’ll get a great deal of historical items, as well as full cultural art. Very intriguing to spend some time vacationing in Jakarta, to know culture tourism in Jakarta, here are some interesting places for you:

1. SetuBabakan
SetuBabakan is among the cultural attractions in Jakarta located in SrengsengSawah, South Jakarta. This place is usually known as the centre of Betawi cultural village which is among the original preservation of Jakarta Culture, Betawi culture. SetuBabakan you may enjoy dance and theatre performances like lenong, mask dance, narojeng dance, plus much more. Art functionality is available every day of the week at 14.00 till 16.00 pm.
Additionally, there’s also a martial art you may like here the event is generally routinely performed by teenagers SetuBabakan for the preservation of Betawi martial arts civilization. You could also like the famous culinary Betawi typical like egg crust, duck salad, sotobetawi, pletok beer and lots of other foods. His address is on Jl Muhammad Kahfi II — Srengseng Rice Field Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

2. Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum
In this museum, you’ll find out about fine arts and arts because there are hundreds of fine arts and arts you may enjoy. You may also learn how to make ceramics in this museum, a really fun thing not to visit art museum and ceramics as well as find out how to make it. The address is on Jl. Pos Kota, RW.2, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, West Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11110.

3. Kites Museum
The cultural tourism in Jakarta is a kite museum, so it may be remembered whenever you had been small playing and be forming your own kite, here there’s a complete kite museum which vary from kites with small to big, even huge is available within this museum. Many actions you may do within this museum, visitors are also usually served with audiovisual about the history of the kite.
Or visitors may also make their own kites and of course, after that may be taken home and tried at the museum yard first. The address is located on Jl. H. Kamang No.38, PondokLabu, South Jakarta, Jakarta Capital Special Region 12450.